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Pandey conquers Coaching World

Suresh Pandey, long time DLSW Loyalist recently came back from the ICC Asia Region Level 2 Coaching Course in Malaysia. This coaching is set to help him and his students as he continues his work as a cricket coach in Hong Kong

Suresh Pandey has long been running the DLSW's coaching and contributed to the development of a number of players who play for DLSW Junior and Senior Teams. Pandey also runs the successful Cricket Center on Saturday Mornings under the banner Expert Cricket Academy.

Pandey came to Hong Kong in 2002 and quickly established himself as a high profile player for DLSW teams. He top scored for DLSW in the year 2004 / 2005 year and scores 783 runs in the Sunday League. He is a Hong Kong National and now resides in Hong Kong with his wife and two daughters.

He has been named DLSW Coach of the year in 2014.

Pandey has completed the following Coaching Courses

  • HKCA Level 1 Coaching Course, Hong Kong - 2008

  • HKCA Level 2 Coaching Course, Hong Kong - 2013

  • Cricket Australia Community Coaching Course - Melbourne 2016

He is also a qualified umpire and completed the HK Umpires Level 1 Qualification Course in 2013

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