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Sarjan Group

DLSWCC Cricket Partner of Sarjan Group

Sponsor of DLSW Sarjan - Championship (Saturday) League Team


About Sarjan Group

Sarjan Group is a Dynamic, professionally managed sports group and a registered non-profit society. Sarjan Group has been fast growing since past six years as a formidable platform in the Hong Kong Corporate Circle. Sarjan Group organizes various social and sports events, it also undertakes activities for the benefits of society at large. Sarjan Group has reached out to almost 200 companies and has touched the lives of more than 1000 individuals and now with its new initiative through the Sarjan Charity Fund. Sarjan is poised to become a major contributor to society


Sponsor of DLSW DTC Mobiles - Elite (Sunday) League Team

About DTC Mobiles

DTC Mobiles are one dedicated team of professionals (from Singapore and Hong Kong) consolidated with more than 20 years of telecommunication devices designs, materials, infrastructure selection and technology research and development expertise. Their Vision is to build DTC as "PEOPLE" Brand as we focus in developing devices with innovative, quality and affordable price for all PEOPLE to enjoy technology in their daily lives.


“D” stands for Dedication of our passion toward PEOPLE,

“T” stands for Technology for our user to enjoy and empower daily lives,

“C” stands for Care for all our user and listen to their voice and feedback.


DTC Mobiles

Sponsor of DLSW JKN - Elite (Sunday) League Team


About JKN International Ltd

J K N International Limited is a Importer, Exporter from Hong Kong, with products under the category of Garments, Textiles & Accessories, Household Products. J.K.N. International Limited was founded in 1981. The Company's line of business also includes buying and/or selling marketing farm products.


JKN International Ltd
Dual Layer IT Solutions Limited

Sponsor of DLSW Wasp - Women's League Team

About Dual Layer IT Solutions Limited

Dual Layer offers a range of IT Outsourcing & Consulting Services created to support and promote the successful operations of small and medium businesses. Whether your company is just starting, relocating to Asia, experiencing growth or maintaining operations we offer our IT expertise in creating solutions that are customized to suit your needs.


Bats and Balls Hong Kong

Equipment and Kits Partner of DLSWCC

About Bats and Balls Hong Kong

Batsandball Hong Kong is premier Cricket store located in Hung Hom, Kowloon, Store is managed by International Cricketers.


Diasqua Group

Sponsor of Diasqua Little Sai Wan Cricket Club

About DIASQUA Grioup

The Diasqua group is a dedicated member of the diamond, gems and jeweler industry with strong roots dating back to three generations. Today our core business involves sourcing, distribution and marketing of an extensive range of polished diamonds. 
We are a family corporation built on values of knowledge, expertise, integrity and fair business ethics. For more than seventy years our skills and reputation have passed from generation to generation each driven by a passion for diamonds and zeal for enterprise. Over the years we have developed a strong liaison with our customers, suppliers, employees and business associates based on our traditional doctrines of sincerity, service and satisfaction. 

With humble beginnings in Madras (now, Chennai) dating back to 1933, today our global marketing network extends to twelve offices in ten countries. Our successful forward integration into diamond studded jewellery in 1998 has already laid down future plans for a backward integration into the grassroots- Diamond cutting and polishing.


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