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Diasqua Little Sai Wan Cricket Club: The meaning of the “HOME”

There are somethings intangible connected to the game of cricket which at time I still am not able to identify. I used to think that it was related to the Team as a symbol of Hope and achievement for a club, but I no longer subscribe to that idea anymore.

There is certainly to a attached element, but the experience gained by an individual of being a cricket lover, by playing, watching, and having the game form a backdrop to so much of our lives is much bigger picture. With so many Sunday lunches with my team mates around a club match, countless card games being played alongside the roar of a lively contest of the game in the park, so much time spent with friends and family members was indeed punctuated and propelled by the game of cricket.

I was 10 years of age when I joined the family of Little Sai Wan Cricket Club. I should admit that I was indeed fortunate to have the guidance of some outstanding persons like “Tabarak bhai, Kashif bhai, Pandey bhai, Moner bhai, Saqlain bhai” and many wonderful characters which would be difficult to name here altogether. Little Sai Wan Cricket Club being the largest independent cricket club in HK, has a great structure through which it has given Hong Kong some outstanding cricket players. The club members’ work together to put on a better show at the game of cricket at various grounds for the entire community cricket lovers of Hong Kong by large. The point I wish to make is that Little Sai Wan Cricket Club is not just a club of members but we treat it as our second family where we exchange ideas and share our vision and mission among each and every member.

I realize that everything - memories, relationship, hope, despair. joy and happiness can be experienced when we are involved in the game of cricket

I realize that in cricket I can find the meaning of “MY HOME” besides the one “HOME” that we spend our lives with parents and siblings.

The cricket family works hard together during the practice sessions, stay united during the matches, show respect and enjoys the time together on and off the field. There are some memories with this family of Little Sai Wan Cricket Club which are going to stay with me forever. The unique members of this family have a unique style and personalities that I will always cherish. EndFragment

Finally, I believe this family of Little Sai Wan Cricket Club is getting stronger and stronger by the day and will always be remembered as one of the finest clubs in Hong Kong Cricket.

Talking about clubs golden era, here are few things and actions which can never be replaced; The calmness of legends Tony Turner and Tabarak bhai, the aggression of Munna bhai, the biscuits and chocolates handouts by Aunty and Uncle “Mr&Mrs Nizami”, the motivation of Kashif bhai, the anger and love of Saqlain bhai, the perfection in arrangements of Ravi bhai, the vocal shouts of “Shabaash shabaash” of Pandey bhai, the analysis of Ramesh Sir, the calling of “Beauty” by Azhar bhai behind the stumps, the uncountable jokes during the match by Javaid bhai, the sledging by Zain Abbas, the seam of Shabbir bhai, the uncountable leaves outside off stump by Shakeel, the field setting by Nadeem, those sixes of Irfan and the free style Bangra of our ladies team of entire club at cricketing night.

Therefore, I wish to conclude by once again with my famous words that Little Sai Wan Cricket Club is a FAMILY and real meaning of HOME!


By Niaz Ali



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