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Coach Saqlain joins the big league in Coaching!

Long time Diasqua Little Sai Wan Cricket Club member Ghulam Saqlain recently completed a Cricket Australia Level 3 Coaching Course. The Course is a major stepping stone for Saqlain to work on his coaching aspirations with DLSWCC. Saqlain took the course with Major Cricketing Stars such as Michael Hussey, Chris Roger , and Saba Kareem and hopes getting the highest qualification available for coaching will further enhance his coaching skills and he will be able to help more cricketers in the club and around Hong Kong to become better cricketers.

Saqlain joined DLSWCC in 1996 as a player for Saturday League. Quickly he found himself to be among one of the core members of the clubs management committee. Saqlain was one fo the founders of clubs Junior Development Program and was the major force behind the Little Sai Wan’s junior teams. Having home grown cricketers was the mantra behind Saqlain’s vision and it was the reason for a many junior club members went on to become major players within Hong Kong Domestic Cricket Circles and HK International Teams. Players such as Nadeem Ahmed, Irfan Ahmed, Zain Abbas, Nizakat Khan, Wakas Khan, Shakeel Haq, Niaz Ali and countless other will confirm their first push to playing cricket seriously was by Saqlain.

Saqlain’s passion for development of the game lead him to work for Hong Kong Cricket Association between 2000 to 2003 as a Development Executive. He later was Chairman of HK Cricket’s Development Committee between 2010 and 2011. He has been working with the Diasqua Little Sai Wan Cricket Club as the head of their development since 2009 and currently has taken a more active role as a coach within the Club.

Saqlain did his first HKCA Level 1 Coaching Course in 2000 in Hong Kong. He then took the Asian Cricket Council / Cricket Australia Level 1 Course in 2003, followed by the ACC/ CA Level 2 Course in 2006 and also the ACC / CA Level 1 Coach Educator Course in 2007. He is also a qualified umpire and has stood in many high profile games in the domestic leagues and has been actively umpiring since 2000. He did the ACC Elite Umpire course in Pakistan in Islamabad.

Saqlain main ambition is to create a training facility for Diasqua Little Sai Wan and he wishes to build a Academy for the club which will ensure the growth of the cricket in the club and Hong Kong for generations to come

Saqlain was been named DLSWCC's Coach of the Year during the Annual Awards Cricketing Night in 2015, which was his 5th such award. He was also awarded the prestigious Hong Kong Bank Foundation 2006 Community Coach Recognition Award.

His other awards include:

  • Bank of China Hong Kong Festival of Sports 2005 Certificate Award

  • Welcome Cricket Development Program 2006 Certificate Award

  • Hong Kong Bank of Foundation 2006 Community Coach Recognition Award

  • HKCA Coaching Achievement Award 2006

  • HKCA Coaching Excellence Award 2007

  • DLSWCC Coach of the Year 2003, 05, 06, 07 & 2015

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