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Points Table

Tournament Format 

Teams will be Play single round of round robin matches, after the round robin matches, Top 4 teams will advance to the semifinals, and winners of the semis will play in Grand Final to decide Champions.



Team Awards

  • Champions – Trophy

  • Runners up - Runners up Trophy

Individual Awards

  • Player of the Tournament (This Award will be decided by Umpires after the final)

  • Best Batsman (Highest Runs Scorer)

  • Best Bowler  (Highest Wicket Taker)

Team Uniforms 
Teams are required to wear their own Colored Club identical uniforms during the competition, and try to use the same club caps as far as possible. Players will not allowed in the field with causal shoe and jeans etc.

Food & Drinks Arrangement 
Teams are required to arrange their own team food and drinks etc.

We encourage all players to use cricket helmet and complete protection gears while playing during the competition, White 156gm cricket balls will be use during the tournament and will be supplied by the organizers.


Points System 
Walkover: 4 points
Win: 4 points 
Loss: 0 Points 
Tie: 2 Points 
No Result: 2 Points 

Tournament Rules
1. (Remarks) Incase due to ground availability issues, we may decide to play final only between the top two teams on the points table, Semifinals can be scraped in the ground availability scenarios
2. Once Fixtures has been agreed and finalized, matches will not be reschedule due to weather, light and player availability issues. Points will be shared in case of washout matches and player availability issues will be consider walkovers.
3. Current T20 Rules and playing conditions will be applied for all matches, Umpires will be final judges for the weather, ground and light.
4. ICC / HKCA code of behavior will be applied to all participating Teams, players and officials.
5. All teams to submit the squads and player transfers will not be permitted. 
6. Eligibility only members of the club should be named in the squads of the teams, in order to qualify for the semis and final, player must have played at least one round robin match for that particular team or have been nominated in team squad before the tournament.
7. If the tie occurred on the points table after the round robin matches, following method will be used to determine the rankings of the teams. Teams have better combined run rate will ranked higher. 

Nomination of Players - Each captain is to provide a nomination sheet to the Umpires prior to the toss. 11 players plus a maximum of 4 substitute fielders can be nominated on the match.

Captains - The team captain is to be confirmed ahead of the tournament. If he is not team captain on the day of the match but still plays, he will still be responsible for over rate breaches and general behaviour of the team.

Ball - Dweller 156gm 4piece balls will be used! 



07:30 - 08:45 (First Innings)
08:45 - 09:00 ( Innings Break)
09:00 – 10:15 (2nd Innings) 
(Remarks match will start as soon as both team ready, so teams requested to be at ground by 7am)


Power play - First 6 overs power play, only 2 fielders allowed outside of 30 yard circle.


Extra Time  / Interval / Interruptions - Playing time will be maximized if interruptions prevail. A maximum of 15 minute extra time – Minimum of 10 minute of interval for change of innings. In case of interruptions to constitute match team batting second must receive 5 overs. 

Fielder absent or leaving the field - Substitute fielders will only be allowed in case of genuine illness, injury or for wholly acceptable (Extreme) reasons. Comfort (Toilet) breaks not admissible. Toilet visits – through illness-are admissible. 
Player MUST inform the umpires of their intentions before leaving the field.
Understand the difference between internal and external injuries. Umpires will check the whereabouts of the players who have left the field after 2 overs and at regular intervals thereafter

Minimum Over Rate  - Calculated by Umpires / be mindful of pace of play protocol 

No Ball/ All modes of No Balls - Free hit- field changes are not permitted (unless change of striker or the no ball was a result of a fielding restriction breach. Close fielders may leave the field if he considers his original position is too dangerous.

Wide Ball

Leg-side: use leg stump as guideline unless the batsman moves across and the ball just misses leg stump.
Off-side: use extra crease marking as a guideline, Reverse Sweep/ Switch-hit results in two off-sides.

Leg before wicket - Effect of switch-Hit / Reverse Sweep – original leg stumps stays the same 

Fielders moving  - Fielders making any significant movement after the ball comes into play but before the ball reaches the striker

Mock Fielding

If umpires regard this an act of deception:
. Warn the fielder after first incident 
.Advice any repeat will result fielder being reported COC under 42.2 unfair play 

Dangerous and Unfair Bowling

Fast Short pitched balls 
Over shoulder height-one per over allowed 
Overhead height – wide (would also count as one of the permitted over the shoulder deliveries)
Bowling of High Full pitched deliveries

Any Delivery 
Irrespective of whether it is likely to inflict injury First and final warning if umpire considers it would cause injury.

Match Ball-Protecting its condition

Throw on the full within 30yd circle – one bounce from outside the 30Y circle, unless a run out is possible 
Practice bowling in the outfield not permitted – bowling practice as a warm up using a short run and gentle one bounce into the ground is acceptable but should be discouraged.

Match Ball – Changing its condition

If a team has changed the condition of the ball and no player has been witnessed.
a.    The ball will be changed, captain issued a first and final warning 
b.    Warning will apply for remainder of the game 
c.    A further incident – 5 run penalty, the ball changed and a COC charge
d.    If the ball condition has been changed and the player identified 
e.    The ball will be changed 
f.    5 Run penalty and COC charge 

Deliberate Distraction / intimidation of Batsman - Guard against throwing a ball near – or at –a batsmen 

Bowler attempting to run out non-striker before delivery  - Completion of delivery swing is regarded to be when the bowler’s arm reaches its perpendicular height (i.e. the point of delivery)

Obstructing the Field - Significant change of direction of running without probable cause. Also any other intentional action.

Excessive appealing - Prolonged and excessive appealing TURN TO THE UMPIRE TO APPEAL.

Skins - Player can use skins but must be same as base colour of playing shirt. If not same as base colour then white (and only white) skins are permissible But must not protrude below shirtsleeves. No visible logos permitted.

Elastic Bandages - May be worn – whatever the colour (including white) bowlers may be asked to remove this item if so requested by batsman.

Public Criticism - Avoid public criticism – including any comment published in the public domain (social media) 


League Champions 2017 - Frenz Blasters 
League Runners –up - SW Assassins 
Best Bowler of the League - Sunil Shah – SW All Tigers 
Best Batsman of the League - Chandan Khandelwal  - Frenz Blasters
Player of the tournament - Shivang Baid –  Frenz Blasters

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