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DLSW In the Saturday Championship League 2017/2018

DLSW Sarjan contested in Saturday Championship League Division 1 in the 2017-2018 season, the team was captain by Moner Ahmed and vice-captain was Muhammad Haseeb. The Season was a mixed bag for the team winning 5 and losimg 7 games and ended up 6th on the points table. The team function in the club to bring a number of Junior HK Cricketers to Adult Cricket, under the leadership of our Senior Cricketers.

Moner Ahmed was the best batsman of the season with 402 runs with the highest score of 122 runs. Followed by Ehsan Ayas with 258 Runs. Ghazanfar Mohammad was the highest wicket take for DLSW Sarjan with 12 wickets followed by Saqib Mahmood with 10 Wickets

DLSW Spartans fared better in Division 2 of the Saturday Championship League, ending 4th on the table although also with 5 wins and 6 losses. Hiren Patel was the leading batsman with 381 runs and Harikushna Virani was the 2nd best run getter for the team with 243 runs.The strike bowler for the team was Dhananjay Chetan Rao with 16 wickets in 9 games followed by Mukesh Dholakiya with 10 wickets in the 6 games he played. Hiren Patel was the captain of the team.

Rao with 16 wickets in 9 games followed by Mukesh Dholakiya with

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