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DLSWCC Cricketers take DLSW Junior Teams to Top of Table with Star Performances

Rounding up DLSW Junior Cricket performances in the 2017-2018 season

Group photo U17 Tigers Champions Premier League

U17 Premier League

DLSW Tigers have won the U17 Premier League. There were the only team from DLSW in the 5 team league and at the end of 12 games they won 10 matches and have been the team to beat in the competition. Jahangir Khan has been the leading batsman for DLSW Tigers and the league as well scoring 567 runs in 12 innings with an incredible average of over 51 runs including a top score of 82 not out. Farhan Hassan Khan is the top wicket taker for DLSW with 12 wickets

U17 Tigers Captain Jahangir Khan with Farhan Hassan Khan.

U17 Elite League

The U17 Elite competition has just started in Jan 2018 with DLSW Cheetahs having played 2 games and DLSW Lions played 4 game. The Cheetahs have won both their games with Shail Shah leading with 62 runs in the match against DLSW Lions and Ansh Doshi scoring 59 runs against LMC. The DLSW Lions have won two of their 4 games and also are contenders to top the table

U15 Premier League

The DLSW U15 Tigers are currently on the top of the table played all their 10 games in the U15 Premier League, they have won 6 games and need a few results in the remaining games to go their way to win the Championship. Jagraj Singh is the leading batsman for DLSW U15s with 234 runs in 9 innings, while and Farhan Hassan Khan is the leading wicket taker of the league with 20 wickets. The DLSW U15 Cheetahs have not had a great season this year and are currently at the bottom of the table with one game to play

U15 Elite League

The DLSW U15 Lions should have an unassailable lead in the U15 Elite League to win the Elite U15 Championships. The DLSW U15 Littles have two games to go in the competition. Ansh Doshi has been the leading batsman of the league with 279 runs in 8 games, the highlight being his 101 runs against United Warriors. In bowlin Ramzan Khan has taken 13 wickets to top DLSW Bowling lists.

U13 League

The U13 DLSW Cheetahs and DLSW Lions are taking part in the U13 Premier League. The league started in Jan 2018 and go on till end of May 2018. The U13 Lions and U13 Littles took part in the U13 Elite league finishing 6th and 8th Respectively. The highlight for DLSW Cheetahs is Ansh Doshi’s 106 not out against KCC Crusaders at KGV grounds leading his team to a 11 Run Win.

DLSW Inform Batsman Ansh Doshi

U11 Championship

In Pool One, DLSW Tigers and DLSW Cheetahs have one game in hand in the current season, Tigers have won 5 games out of 7 played while Cheetahs have won 3 out of 6 completed games (One washout). The DLSW Tigers have a good chance to come in the top 2 if they win their final game.

In Pool Two DLSW Lions have struggled and are at the bottom of Pool two while DLSW Kangaroos are 7th in the 8 team Pool Three

U11 League

We had four teams taking part in the U11 League same as last year. In Pool One DLSW Tigers came 4th in the table winning 4 games of out 7 while DLSW Cheetahs came 5th winning 3 games out of 7.

DLSW Lions came 5th in Pool 2 winning 3 games and 1 washout out of 7 games. While the DLSW Kangaroos came 7th out of 8 teams in Pool 8 without a single win.

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