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DLSW Trails New Cricket Ground in Hong Kong at Gin Drinkers Bay

A Team Made up of Social Players, Girls and Junior Players played at Gin Drinkers Bay along with Mixed Social Teams from CCC and HKCC to Trial the New Ground on 30th December 2018.

The New Ground has been long in development and will provide Hong Kong Cricket with three new ground.

  • GDB 1 will be a ground for Adults, Junior and Women Leagues

  • GDB 2 will be for Challenge League and Junior Leagues

  • GDB 3 will be for Junior Leagues Only

The DLSWCC team had a great outing and although the ground is not 100% Complete yet, the comments said grounds are highly playable.

" We need more ground in Hong Kong and to see Three New Grounds available to Hong Kong Cricket is an amazing site" said DLSWCC Player of the Day and DLSWCC Treasurer Azhar Hussain. " We have so many members who havent played in almost 2 years due to infficient grounds for Challenge League. These grounds can bring a whole lot of new players into Hong Kong Cricket as well as increasing the number of games for Juniors and Women Cricketers which is much needed.

DLSWCC congratulates CHK to have the ground available to HK Cricketers and hopes the ground can soon be open to for use for Cricket Leagues and Members Clubs.

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