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Frenz Blasters win Inaugural DLSW T20 League

DLSWCC organized a T20 League for our Social Members and Club Partners. The Teams were from the following groups: Sarjan Group, Sky Warriors and Frenz Club.

Seven teams took part in the 25 Match Tournament with games being held on Weekday Mornings between March and June 2017. The Six teams were Sarjan Ninjas, Sarjan Spartans, Frenz Blasters, Frenz Warriors, Sky Warriors Chargers, Sky Warriors All Tigers and Sky Warriors Assassins.

The Top four in the league entered the Semi Finals. Frenz Blasters Beat Sky Warriors All Tigers in the first Semi Final while Sky Warriors Assassins beat Sarjan Ninjas by 6 runs in the second semi final

In the rain effected final, Frenz Blasters managed to win the title over Sky Warriors Assassins by 3 runs on Net Run Rate.

Sunil Shah of SW All Tigers was named bowler of the tournament, while Chandan Khandelwal of Frnez Blaster was the Batsman of the Tournament.

Shivang Baid of Frenz Blasters was named Player of the Tournament

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