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DLSW Prism Takes on Premier League Champions

We are back! The DLSW Editorial Team is now back with reports from DLSWCC Matches. It has been a difficult season for cricket fans with major gaps in schedules making it tough to follow games. DLSWCC will be publishing a report on each DLSWCC Team every working day and update on their matches and league status.

We start with DLSWCC's Premier League Team Prism. The Prism Team will play their last Premier league match against the Premier League Champions Kowloon Cricket Club on 23rd April 2017 at Kowloon Cricket Club. KCC won the league championships on 8th January with 5 matches to go. And this coming game which could have been the league final will be KCC's 1st game since Jan 8th 2017.

DLSW Prism also have not played a league game since 1st January where they beat Pakistan Association. DLSW Prism had two games against CHK Independents team but both were washed out on 26th February and 19th March 2017.

However the Prism team should take this opportunity to put a champion performance and defeat the Champions. This season the top three teams have been KCC, HKCC and DLSWCC. KCC and HKCC have a win each against each other. DLSW and HKCC have a win each against each other and it would important for DLSW to get a win and level the record. DLSW had a heavy loss to KCC in the first encounter between the two sides earlier in the season (Way back over 6 months ago on 2nd October 2017).

The Game is important for Team Prism and a good exciting match is just what HK Domestic Cricket needs at the moment.

The DLSW Selectors announced a 15 man squad for the game on Sunday

Ehsan Khan (Captain)

Amandeep Singh

Moner Dar

Hiren Patel

Waqas khan

Nadeem Ahmed

Jangzaib khan

Haseeb Amjad

Harpeeet Singh

Karandeep Singh

Osama Muhammad

Mudasar Hussain

Aftab Hussain

Haseeb Muhammad

Muhammad Ibraheem

We will be back on Monday with Match Report and update on the DLSW JKN Team. The Premier League game DLSW Prism vs KCC starts at 10am on Sunday April 23rd 2017 at KCC.

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