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Niaz takes road to Sri Lanka to be Level 2 Umpire, Tabarak officiates in ODIs

Niaz Ali and Tabarak Dar both took leaps forward in their umpiring careers over the last month

Niaz took part in an Umpiring course, which was held from 16~20th Nov in Sri Lanka. The course was conducted by ICC with umpiring tutors from Sri Lanka, Pakistan and India. A total of 24 participants from different countries like Malaysia, Bhutan, China, Thailand, Qatar, Iran, UAE and Oman.

Niaz got a chance to upgrade his umpiring knowledge which is a required step towards umpiring at international le

vel. Niaz had 3 full days of classes followed by a practical test during a local match there and a written test on final day.

Niaz is grateful to Cricket Hong Kong and HK Umpiring Association for their faith to send him to the course.

Tabarak Dar stood in the recent HK vs PNG ODI Series in November. He was the on field umpire for the first two games and the third umpire for the 3rd game. Tabrak is now the onky one from Hong Kong to have both umpired and captained a ODI Match. He may be only of very few or even the only one in the world.

DLSWCC is proud of the achievements of its umpire members. Niaz Ali finished off by saying " I am also very thankful to our club members for their support. I hope I can serve HK in umpiring field in future too."

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