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DLSW Junior Cricketers kick off their new Season

DLSW Junior Teams will kick of their new season starting this weekend

Twenty two Junior Teams have been allocated fixture and potentially 3 more junior teams will get a matches this season. Twenty five Junior Sides will be ready to play for DLSWCC during the coming cricket season. The U11 League, U13 League and U13 League starts on 17th September 2016. The U15 League begins in December, efforts are being made to play the U19 League and a U19 Girls league at the end of the season.

The entire coaching team of DLSW have worked tirelessly to ensure we have the teams organized and captains selected to get the games underway. The junior season trainings sessions and the cricket centers have started and the DLSW Coaches know they have one of the busiest season coming up.

U11 League

DLSWCC fields 5 teams in the HKCA U11 League namely: Cheetahs, Tigers, Lions, Littles and Kangaroos. The games will all be played at PKVR Reservoir and the season begins on 17th September 2016. Three of our teams will have their first game during the first round.

DLSW Cheetahs will pay DLSW Tigers at 11:00am. Prior to that DLSW Lions will take on DB Smashers at 9:30am

U13 League

The U13 league is played in two divisions; the Premier Division has 2 DLSWCC teams: Tigers and Cheetahs while the Elite Division has the Littles and Lions teams. This weekend both the Elite teams will be playing their matches, the Cheetahs will play HKCC Wanders at PKVR Reservoir at 1pm on 17th September 2016, while the Lions will play USRC Elites at KGV at 1pm on 18th September 2016

U17 League

The U17 League is a title that DLSW will want to defend. The U17 league once again will have teams in both divisions. The Tigers and Lions will play in the Premier Divisions while the Cheetahs and Littles will play in the lower Elite Divisions.

The DLSW Cheetahs will play the DLSW Littles on 17th September at St Stephen Collage at 1pm and will get a chance to start their season playing their club mates.

DLSW Matches for this Weekend

Friday 16th September 2016

At 830am at Mission Road - DLSW Wasps vs PACC Women playing Women T20

Saturday 17th September 2016

At 930am at PKVR Reservoir - DLSW Lions vs DB Smashers playing U11 League

At 11am at PKVR Reservoir - DLSW Cheetahs vs DLSW Tigers playing U11 League

At 1pm at PKVR Reservoir - DLSW Littles vs HKCC Wanderers playing U13 League

At 1pm at St Stephen Collage - DLSW Littles vs DLSW Cheetahs playing U17 League

At 1pm at Mission Road - DLSW Sarjan vs Centaurs CC playing Championship League Div 2

Sunday 18th September 2016

At 9am at PKVR Reservoir - DLSW Wasps vs CCC Fong Wong playing Women T20

At 930am at Mission Road - DLSW Prism vs Pakistan Assoc playing Premier League One Day

At 1pm at KGV - DLSW Lions vs USRC Elite playing U13 League

Best wishes to all DLSWCC junior league teams in the coming season

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