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DLSW Sarjan and DLSW Spartans aim for Promotion in the new HKCA Championship Season!

A new Hong Kong Cricketing Season begins from this weekend with the start of the all new Championship League. The League formally known as the Saturday League finds two Diaqua Little Sai Wan Cricket Club teams playing in the 2nd Division of the Competition. Both teams are keen to win the league this season and stake their claims on a position in Div 1 next season

DLSW Spartans

Hiren Patel will lead a familiar squad who have now gained good experience of playing together in the Saturday League Competition. The team squad is built of members coming from DLSWCC's partnership with

Sarjan Group and the members are keen to start the season on a winning note.

DLSWCC's Cricket Committee has appointed the following to to form the team management for the Spartans Team.

  • Captain: Hiren Patel

  • Vice-Captain: Kiran Patel

  • Team Manager: Suresh Kumar Ghevriya (Zulu)

The Spartans will start the season on 3rd September 2016 at PKVR Park against Centaurs CC and will want to begin with a win. However their second match probably will garner more interest as its going to be against the DLSW Sarjan team and a trophy will be up for grabs.

DLSW Sarjan

The DLSW Sarjan Team is coming from a disappointing season and were relegated to Division 2. The team management have appointed a new captain and the team now has expectation to win the Division and make a jump back to Division 1. Anything less will be considered a setback for the team

Their first challenge will be against their club mates DLSW Spartans. The DLSW Sarjan team is sponsored by the Sarjan Group.

The Team Management for Sarjan Team is as follows

  • Captain: Moeed Haider

  • Vice-Captain: Muhammad Haseeb

  • Team Manager: Tabarak Dar

The ZULU DAR Trophy

On 10th September 2016, the Zulu Dar Trophy will be up for grabs. This Trophy has been in play previously amongst social teams of the club but from this Season the Trophy will be played for matches between DLSW Sarjan and DLSW Spartans. The match will be held at Mission Road

Coverage on CricHQ

This season the Hong Kong Cricket Association has moved the Results System to CricHQ

This gives every match played under HKCA to have Live Scores. This weekend's game between DLSW Spartans and Centaurs can be followed live on the link below:

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