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ECCA Academy Trains New Coaches

The Expert Cricketing Services Limited, a whole owned Subsidary of Diasqua Little Sai Wan Cricket Club was formed to provided coaching services to schools, centers and members of the community. The Aims of the Expert Cricketing Services is to provide a professional coaching services to its students as well to build a Cricket Academy envoirment in the long run. The Expert Cricketing and Coaching Academy was setup to bring to live this vision.

To cater to the increasing demand of School and Junior Cricket Coaching carried out by the Club and ECS a ECCA Level 0 Coaching Course was receintly organized by DLSW Operations Manager Tabarak Dar and his team of Coaches.

The Course was designed to give some of our members the basics of cricket coaching so as they are able to teach the skills of cricket to beginners as well as coach junior club and school teams during matches.

The course was held on 12th December 2016, and it ran for 10 hours. The Course was conducted by Tabarak Dar who is a qualified ACC Adavnce Level (Level 2) Coach Educator. The 9 participants of the couse all received a ECCA Level 0 Coach Certificarte for use during activites conduced by DLSWCC and ECS Limited.

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